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Inflation is directed to users who provide liquidity within the protocol. This usage is measured via “Liquidity Gauge” contracts. Each pool has an individual liquidity gauge. The Gauge Controller maintains a list of gauges and their types, with the weights of each gauge and type. For implementation details see here.

Contract Source & Deployment

There are several versions of liquidity gauge contracts in use. Source code for these contracts is available on Github.

Easiest way to obtain the gauge address of a liquidity pool is by querying get_gauge on the MetaRegistry.

Gauge Types

Each liquidity gauge is assigned a type within the gauge controller. Grouping gauges by type allows the DAO to adjust the emissions according to type, making it possible to e.g. end all emissions for a single type.


Types 3 and 6 have been deprecated.

Gauge Type Description
0 Ethereum (stableswap pools)
1 Fantom
2 Polygon (Matic)
4 xDai
5 Ethereum (crypto pools)
7 Arbitrum
8 Avalance
9 Harmony
10 Fundraising
11 Optimism