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StableSwap-NG: Overview

Contract Source & Deployment

Source code available on GitHub. The following documentation covers all commits up until 5f582a6.
All stableswap-ng deployments can be found in the Deployment Addresses section.

For an in-depth understanding of the StableSwap invariant design, please refer to the official StableSwap whitepaper.

The Stableswap-NG AMM infrastructure represents a technically enhanced iteration of the previous stableswap implementation. It comprises the following key components:

  • Pool Factory
  • Math Contract
  • Views Contract
  • AMM blueprint contracts
  • LiquidityGauge blueprint contract


The LiquidityGauge blueprint contract is only implemented on Ethereum.

Pool Factory and Blueprint Contracts

The Pool Factory is the contract used to deploy new plain and meta-pools, as well as liquidity gauges. It also acts a registry for finding the deployed pools and querying information about them. Pools and gauges are deployed via blueprints contracts (EIP-5202).

Math and View Contracts

Math and Views are utility contracts used within the AMM. CurveStableSwapNGMath contract contains math for the pool implementation contracts, while the CurveStableSwapNGViews contract provides external view-only methods that can be gas-inefficient when called from smart contracts.