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GaugeProxy is used for indirect ownership of liquidity gauges.

Contract Source & Deployment

GaugeProxy contract is deployed on the Ethereum mainnet at: 0x519AFB566c05E00cfB9af73496D00217A630e4D5.
Source code available on Github.

Deploying Gauges

Gauges can be directly deployed through the Factory contract. However, deploying a gauge via this contract offers the benefit of automatically adding a gauge manager for the gauge. Without this, an easy migration is necessary.

Permissionless Rewards

LiquidityGauges V4 and later versions introduce the capability for a distributor address to add permissionless rewards to a gauge. When a gauge is deployed via the Factory, the deployer (msg.sender) is automatically set as the gauge manager. This address can call the add_rewards function within the OwnerProxy to add both reward tokens and distributors.

To deposit reward tokens, the distributor must call the deposit_reward_token function within the specific gauge.

For more technical details, please refere to this.