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Curve Meta Registry

The MetaRegistry functions as a Curve Finance Pool Registry Aggregator and offers an on-chain API for various properties of Curve pools by consolidating different registries into a single contract.

For complete and detailed documentation on the MetaRegistry contract, please see here .

For a list of all deployments, see here.

Requirements & Implementations

The MetaRegistry requires that all Factory contracts, which deploy pools and gauges, are added to the MetaRegistry. Without this, the MetaRegistry cannot retrieve specific information. To see which handlers and registries are added, see Handlers and Registries.

The newly deployed MetaRegistries on sidechains currently only pick up new-generation (NG) pools. Although earlier pools will be added as soon as possible, this requires some time as it involves quite a bit of manual work.

Handlers and Registries

The MetaRegistry introduces Handlers, which are essentially wrappers around other contracts (mostly Pool Factories) to ensure ABI compatibility with the MetaRegistry itself.

New handlers can be added or existing ones can be updated by the owner of the contract.

Helpful Functions in the Curve Meta Registry:

  • get_registry_length: Returns the total number of registries added.
  • get_registry: Fetches single registries.
  • get_base_registry: Returns the "base registry" of a handler.
  • get_registry_handlers_from_pool: Fetches the handler from pools.

Google Colab Notebook

A Google Colab notebook showcasing how to query registries or add/update them can be found here .

Currently integrated Base Registries and Handlers:

Base Registry Handler Description
0x90E00ACe148ca3b23Ac1bC8C240C2a7Dd9c2d7f5 0x46a8a9CF4Fc8e99EC3A14558ACABC1D93A27de68 Oldschool Curve Registry
0xB9fC157394Af804a3578134A6585C0dc9cc990d4 0x127db66E7F0b16470Bec194d0f496F9Fa065d0A9 Oldschool Curve Factory (Metapool Factory)
0x9a32aF1A11D9c937aEa61A3790C2983257eA8Bc0 0x5f493fEE8D67D3AE3bA730827B34126CFcA0ae94 Curve Cryptoswap Registry
0xF18056Bbd320E96A48e3Fbf8bC061322531aac99 0xC4F389020002396143B863F6325aAa6ae481D19CE Curve Factory (CryptoSwap)
0x4F8846Ae9380B90d2E71D5e3D042dff3E7ebb40d 0x538E984C2d5f821d51932dd9C570Dff192D3DF2D Curve Factory
0x0c0e5f2fF0ff18a3be9b835635039256dC4B4963 0x30a4249C42be05215b6063691949710592859697 CurveTricryptoFactory

Fetching Liquidity Pools

Deployment of Curve pools is permissionless, leading to a significant number of pools being deployed. Managing this vast array of pools can be challenging, and relying solely on a UI may not be the most effective approach. The Curve Meta Registry serves as an ideal tool for querying specific pools directly from the blockchain.

Understanding Base- and Metapool Logic

The Meta Registry considers metapools as well1. For example, the mkUSD/3CRV pool pairs mkUSD with the 3CRV LP Token, which consists of USDT, USDC, and DAI. The contract identifies this logic and returns this pool when querying for find_pools_for_coins(mkUSD, USDC), because mkUSD and USDC can be exchanged through this pool.

Key Methods for Querying Pools:

  • find_pools_for_coins: This method returns a list of all pools containing two specific tokens, e.g. pools that include both crvUSD and USDC.
  • find_pool_for_coins: Returns a single pool according to the input index from the list returned by find_pools_for_coins.

Google Colab Notebook

A Jupyter notebook showcasing how to fetch pools directly from the blockchain, which contain two specific assets, can be found here.

  1. Metapools are liquidity pools that pair a token against the LP token of another pool.