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Pool Factory: Deployer API


Factory.deploy_pool(_name: String[64], _symbol: String[32], _coins: address[N_COINS], implementation_id: uint256, A: uint256, gamma: uint256, mid_fee: uint256, out_fee: uint256, fee_gamma: uint256, allowed_extra_profit: uint256, adjustment_step: uint256, ma_exp_time: uint256, initial_price: uint256) -> address:

Function to deploy a TwoCrypto-NG liquidity pool.

Returns: deployed pool (address).

Emits: TwocryptoPoolDeployed

Input Type Description
_name String[64] Pool name
_symbol String[32] Pool symbol
_coins address[N_COINS] Coins
implementation_id uint256 Implementation index of Factory.poolImplementations()
A uint256 Amplification Coefficient
gamma uint256 Gamma
mid_fee uint256 Mid Fee
out_fee uint256 Out Fee
fee_gamma uint256 Fee Gamma
allowed_extra_profit uint256 Allowed Extra Profit
adjustment_step uint256 Adjustment Step
ma_exp_time uint256 Moving Average Time Period
initial_price uint256 Initial Prices

Limitations when deploying liquidity pools:

  • pool and math implementation must not be empty
  • no duplicate coins
  • maximum 18 decimal coins
Parameter Limitation
mid_fee mid_fee < MAX_FEE - 1; mid_fee can be 0
out_fee mid_fee <= out_fee < MAX_FEE - 1
fee_gamma 0 < fee_gamma < 10^18 + 1
allowed_extra_profit allowed_extra_profit < 10^18 + 1
adjustment_step 0 < adjustment_step < 10^18 + 1
ma_exp_time 86 < ma_exp_time < 872542
initial_prices 10^6 < initial_prices[0] and initial_prices[1] < 10^30
Source code
event TwocryptoPoolDeployed:
    pool: address
    name: String[64]
    symbol: String[32]
    coins: address[N_COINS]
    math: address
    salt: bytes32
    precisions: uint256[N_COINS]
    packed_A_gamma: uint256
    packed_fee_params: uint256
    packed_rebalancing_params: uint256
    packed_prices: uint256
    deployer: address

def deploy_pool(
    _name: String[64],
    _symbol: String[32],
    _coins: address[N_COINS],
    implementation_id: uint256,
    A: uint256,
    gamma: uint256,
    mid_fee: uint256,
    out_fee: uint256,
    fee_gamma: uint256,
    allowed_extra_profit: uint256,
    adjustment_step: uint256,
    ma_exp_time: uint256,
    initial_price: uint256,
) -> address:
    @notice Deploy a new pool
    @param _name Name of the new plain pool
    @param _symbol Symbol for the new plain pool - will be concatenated with factory symbol

    @return Address of the deployed pool
    pool_implementation: address = self.pool_implementations[implementation_id]
    _math_implementation: address = self.math_implementation
    assert pool_implementation != empty(address), "Pool implementation not set"
    assert _math_implementation != empty(address), "Math implementation not set"

    assert mid_fee < MAX_FEE-1  # mid_fee can be zero
    assert out_fee >= mid_fee
    assert out_fee < MAX_FEE-1
    assert fee_gamma < 10**18+1
    assert fee_gamma > 0

    assert allowed_extra_profit < 10**18+1

    assert adjustment_step < 10**18+1
    assert adjustment_step > 0

    assert ma_exp_time < 872542  # 7 * 24 * 60 * 60 / ln(2)
    assert ma_exp_time > 86  # 60 / ln(2)

    assert initial_price > 10**6 and initial_price < 10**30  # dev: initial price out of bound

    assert _coins[0] != _coins[1], "Duplicate coins"

    decimals: uint256[N_COINS] = empty(uint256[N_COINS])
    precisions: uint256[N_COINS] = empty(uint256[N_COINS])
    for i in range(N_COINS):
        d: uint256 = ERC20(_coins[i]).decimals()
        assert d < 19, "Max 18 decimals for coins"
        decimals[i] = d
        precisions[i] = 10 ** (18 - d)

    # pack precision
    packed_precisions: uint256 = self._pack_2(precisions[0], precisions[1])

    # pack fees
    packed_fee_params: uint256 = self._pack_3(
        [mid_fee, out_fee, fee_gamma]

    # pack liquidity rebalancing params
    packed_rebalancing_params: uint256 = self._pack_3(
        [allowed_extra_profit, adjustment_step, ma_exp_time]

    # pack gamma and A
    packed_gamma_A: uint256 = self._pack_2(gamma, A)

    # pool is an ERC20 implementation
    _salt: bytes32 = block.prevhash
    pool: address = create_from_blueprint(
        pool_implementation,  # blueprint: address
        _name,  # String[64]
        _symbol,  # String[32]
        _coins,  # address[N_COINS]
        _math_implementation,  # address
        _salt,  # bytes32
        packed_precisions,  # uint256
        packed_gamma_A,  # uint256
        packed_fee_params,  # uint256
        packed_rebalancing_params,  # uint256
        initial_price,  # uint256

    # populate pool data

    self.pool_data[pool].decimals = decimals
    self.pool_data[pool].coins = _coins
    self.pool_data[pool].implementation = pool_implementation

    # add coins to market:
    self._add_coins_to_market(_coins[0], _coins[1], pool)

    log TwocryptoPoolDeployed(

    return pool
>>> Factory.deploy_pool(
    _name: CRV/ETH,
    _symbol: crv-eth,
    _coins: '0xC02aaA39b223FE8D0A0e5C4F27eAD9083C756Cc2', '0xD533a949740bb3306d119CC777fa900bA034cd52',
    implementation_id: 0,
    A: 2700000,
    gamma: 1300000000000,
    mid_fee: 2999999,
    out_fee: 80000000,
    fee_gamma: 350000000000000,
    allowed_extra_profit: 100000000000,
    adjustment_step: 100000000000,
    ma_exp_time: 600,
    initial_prices: 0.00023684735380012821,

'returns address of the deployed pool'


Factory.deploy_gauge(_pool: address) -> address:


Deploying a liquidity gauge through the Factory is only possible on Ethereum Mainnet. Gauge deployments on sidechains must be done via the RootChainGaugeFactory.

Function to deploy a liquidity gauge on Ethereum mainnet. This function can only be used on pools deployed from this Factory contract.

Returns: deployed gauge (address).

Emits: LiquidityGaugeDeployed

Input Type Description
_pool address Pool to deploy a gauge for
Source code
event LiquidityGaugeDeployed:
    pool: address
    gauge: address

def deploy_gauge(_pool: address) -> address:
    @notice Deploy a liquidity gauge for a factory pool
    @param _pool Factory pool address to deploy a gauge for
    @return Address of the deployed gauge
    assert self.pool_data[_pool].coins[0] != empty(address), "Unknown pool"
    assert self.pool_data[_pool].liquidity_gauge == empty(address), "Gauge already deployed"
    assert self.gauge_implementation != empty(address), "Gauge implementation not set"

    gauge: address = create_from_blueprint(self.gauge_implementation, _pool, code_offset=3)
    self.pool_data[_pool].liquidity_gauge = gauge

    log LiquidityGaugeDeployed(_pool, gauge)
    return gauge
>>> Factory.deploy_gauge('pool address')

'returns address of the deployed gauge'