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PoolProxy is used for indirect ownership of exchange contracts or their factories.

As these proxies are the indirect admins of the exchange contracts, they are used to call admin-only functions. These admin functions vary primarily based on the type of liquidity pool, whether it's a StableSwap or a CryptoSwap pool. For a clearer overview, please refer to the admin-control section of StableSwap or CryptoSwap pools.

There are multiple deployed PoolProxy contracts. For a overview of all actively used proxies, see here.

Deploying Pools

Pool deployment is permissionless, with the exception of base pools. Thus, the deploy_pool function can be directly called on the Factory contract. For more information about Factory contracts and their usage, see here.

Parameter Changes

Parameter changes need to be done through the proxy, as those relevant functions can only be called by the parameter admin.

Killing Pools


PoolProxy.kill_me(_pool: address):

Function to pause the liquidity pool _pool.

Guarded Method

This function is only callable by the emergency_admin and only if the deadline for killing pools has not passed yet.

Input Type Description
_pool address Pool address
Source code
interface Curve:
    def withdraw_admin_fees(): nonpayable
    def kill_me(): nonpayable
    def unkill_me(): nonpayable
    def commit_transfer_ownership(new_owner: address): nonpayable
    def apply_transfer_ownership(): nonpayable
    def accept_transfer_ownership(): nonpayable
    def revert_transfer_ownership(): nonpayable
    def commit_new_parameters(amplification: uint256, new_fee: uint256, new_admin_fee: uint256): nonpayable
    def apply_new_parameters(): nonpayable
    def revert_new_parameters(): nonpayable
    def commit_new_fee(new_fee: uint256, new_admin_fee: uint256): nonpayable
    def apply_new_fee(): nonpayable
    def ramp_A(_future_A: uint256, _future_time: uint256): nonpayable
    def stop_ramp_A(): nonpayable
    def set_aave_referral(referral_code: uint256): nonpayable
    def donate_admin_fees(): nonpayable

def kill_me(_pool: address):
    @notice Pause the pool `_pool` - only remove_liquidity will be callable
    @param _pool Pool address to pause
    assert msg.sender == self.emergency_admin, "Access denied"
is_killed: bool

def kill_me():
    assert msg.sender == self.owner  # dev: only owner
    assert self.kill_deadline > block.timestamp  # dev: deadline has passed
    self.is_killed = True
>>> PoolProxy.kill_me(todo):


For configuration of burners please refer to Burner.

Admin Fees

For withdrawing and burning admin fees please refer to Withdrawing and Burning Admin Fees.