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The StableSwap-NG Factory allows the permissionless deployment of up to eight-coin plain pools and metapools, as well as gauges. Liquidity pool and LP token share the same contract.

Contract Source & Deployment

Stableswap-NG Factory contract is deployed to the Ethereum mainnet at: 0x6A8cbed756804B16E05E741eDaBd5cB544AE21bf.
Source code available on Github. A list of all deployments can be found here.

Asset Types

A Stableswap-NG pool can contain different asset types. New asset types can be added throught the add_asset_type method.


Factory.asset_types(arg0: uint8) -> String[20]

Getter for the asset types.

Returns: Asset type (String[20])

Input Type Description
arg0 uint8 Index value of the asset type
Source code
asset_types: public(HashMap[uint8, String[20]])
>>> Factory.asset_types(2)


Factory.add_asset_type(_id: uint8, _name: String[10])

Guarded Method

This function is only callable by the admin of the contract.

Function to add a new asset type.

Input Type Description
_id uint8 Asset type ID
_name String[10] Name of the new asset type
Source code
asset_types: public(HashMap[uint8, String[20]])

def add_asset_type(_id: uint8, _name: String[10]):
    @notice Admin only method that adds a new asset type.
    @param _id asset type id.
    @param _name Name of the asset type.
    assert msg.sender == self.admin  # dev: admin only
    self.asset_types[_id] = _name
>>> Factory.add_asset_type(4, "whatever")

Base Pools

StableSwap pools also allow the deployment of metapools (an asset paired against a base pool). When deploying a new Factory, the existing base pools must be manually added to the contract for them to be used for metapools.

Limitations when adding new base pools:

  • Rebasing tokens are not allowed in the base pool.
  • Do not add a base pool that contains native tokens (e.g., ETH).
  • As much as possible, use standard ERC20 tokens.


Factory.add_base_pool(_base_pool: address, _base_lp_token: address, _asset_types: DynArray[uint8, MAX_COINS], _n_coins: uint256):

Guarded Method

This function is only callable by the admin of the contract.

Function to add a new base pool.

Input Type Description
_base_pool address Pool address to add as a base pool
_base_lp_token address LP token address of the pool
_asset_types DynArray[uint8, MAX_COINS] Array of asset types of the pool
_n_coins uint256 Number of coins in the base pool
Source code
def add_base_pool(
    _base_pool: address,
    _base_lp_token: address,
    _asset_types: DynArray[uint8, MAX_COINS],
    _n_coins: uint256,
    @notice Add a base pool to the registry, which may be used in factory metapools
    @dev 1. Only callable by admin
        2. Rebasing tokens are not allowed in the base pool.
        3. Do not add base pool which contains native tokens (e.g. ETH).
        4. As much as possible: use standard ERC20 tokens.
        Should you choose to deviate from these recommendations, audits are advised.
    @param _base_pool Pool address to add
    @param _asset_types Asset type for pool, as an integer
    assert msg.sender == self.admin  # dev: admin-only function
    assert 2 not in _asset_types  # dev: rebasing tokens cannot be in base pool
    assert len(self.base_pool_data[_base_pool].coins) == 0  # dev: pool exists
    assert _n_coins < MAX_COINS  # dev: base pool can only have (MAX_COINS - 1) coins.

    # add pool to pool_list
    length: uint256 = self.base_pool_count
    self.base_pool_list[length] = _base_pool
    self.base_pool_count = length + 1
    self.base_pool_data[_base_pool].lp_token = _base_lp_token
    self.base_pool_data[_base_pool].n_coins = _n_coins
    self.base_pool_data[_base_pool].asset_types = _asset_types

    decimals: uint256 = 0
    coins: DynArray[address, MAX_COINS] = empty(DynArray[address, MAX_COINS])
    coin: address = empty(address)
    for i in range(MAX_COINS):
        if i == _n_coins:
        coin = CurvePool(_base_pool).coins(i)
        assert coin != 0xEeeeeEeeeEeEeeEeEeEeeEEEeeeeEeeeeeeeEEeE  # dev: native token is not supported
        self.base_pool_assets[coin] = True
        decimals += (ERC20(coin).decimals() << i*8)
    self.base_pool_data[_base_pool].decimals = decimals

    log BasePoolAdded(_base_pool)
>>> Factory.add_base_pool("whatever")


Factory.base_pool_list(arg0: uint256) -> address: view

Guarded Method

This function is only callable by the admin of the contract.

Getter for the base pool at index arg0.

Input Type Description
arg0 uint256 Index of the base pool
Source code
base_pool_list: public(address[4294967296])   # list of base pools
>>> Factory.base_pool_list(0)


More on implementations.